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Ricki PollycoveCIIS Trustee Ricki Pollycove, MD, shares why she is passionate about CIIS and her decision to leave a gift in her will.

Why is CIIS important to the world?
CIIS teaches and models the fundamentals of peace, tolerance, understanding, and great respect for the Other—those outside our familiar circle. Students, faculty, staff, trustees, and alums really live that attitude and connection to the heart, which is the key to creating peace in the world.

Are there CIIS programs that particularly excite you at this time?
As a physician, the Integral Health Studies master's degree program is another world-leading innovation unique to CIIS and of critical importance toward better health outcomes in the U.S. and globally.

How have you seen CIIS grow? What do you believe is its future?
s a trustee, I have seen CIIS grow from a precarious, fringe, wonderful impulse to a solid and secure, financially sound, and inspirational University that is recognized worldwide as a leader in integral studies. If more and more people ensure its financial viability, CIIS will continue to provide the impulse, inspiration, and nurturing foundation for the peacemakers of tomorrow.

Why have you remembered CIIS in your will?
I left a bequest to CIIS because I think that's the greatest gift I can give to my heirs: supporting the effort to create world peace and understanding. I hope that they will understand the Ricki Pollycove Trust for CIIS as a manifestation of their mother's/grandmother's devotion to making the world a better place.