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Eahr JoanCIIS alumna Eahr Joan (WSE, '00) has been a staff member in the Laurance S. Rockefeller Library since 1995, where she currently serves as a reference librarian. She is also the author of the first and only Archaeo-Mythology Database in existence, Re-Genesis Encyclopedia: Synthesis of the Spiritual Dark-Motherline, Integral Research, Labyrinth Learning, and Eco-Thealogy, is published by the CIIS library. The database spans 6 million BCE—1 CE and includes 12 years of photographic fieldwork in the Near East, North Africa, and Europe.

What drew you to CIIS?
In 1992, Dr. Eleanor Gadon initiated my interest in CIIS at a birthday celebration in my New England home. As a result of Gadon's surprise visit, I turned down an offer from an Ivy League university and chose CIIS. The decision was based on which graduate school would be the best fit for both the encyclopedia project and extensive photographic fieldwork collections.

How has CIIS supported your research?
Although my research was launched at the British Museum Library and London University, the CIIS Library hard-copy collections and rich electronic indexes have also been exceptional resources. Because of support from so many CIIS faculty and staff for this project over two decades, the University has in many ways been a homecoming for the Re-Genesis Encyclopedias.

Why have you remembered CIIS in your will?
Throughout my adult life, I've been actively engaged in civic and educational rights, starting with fund-raising projects for public and alternative schools in Manhattan, including the successful campaign and construction of the Murray Hill Library. The work I do with students and faculty, the database project, and remembering CIIS in my will are all expressions of this commitment.